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Find out more about our approach to the future of real estate investment

Step 1

Project Planning

We identify the perfect investment properties. This is a complex process in which, in addition to the right property, the system that fits the location and the target group must also be designed. Our team specializes in developing functional, profitable, and high-quality properties, and only the most future-proof properties are made available to our investors.

Step 2

Cost Calculation

We calculate all financial aspects of our project in great detail, including property value, rental income, ongoing costs for employees, and maintenance, as well as a risk margin.

With the help of market data and financial analyses, the profitability of an investment can be measured very well in advance. We only publish the best projects for our investors.

Step 3

Investment opportunities are available to investors.

Once the basic planning work has been completed, the systems are ready for sale. Low entry costs ensure a broad investor audience. Thanks to optimized, uniform processes, all investors receive the necessary information immediately and can ask our expert advisors their questions. Through your investment, you become part of the company and will be continuously informed about everything that happens.

Step 4


We begin construction of the respective system during the sales process. At the latest after the last share has been sold, the construction company will be given the signal to complete the project. To give investors up-to-date insights into what is happening during construction, we place a camera with a live stream on the property, so you can always see exactly what is happening.

Step 5


With our concept, we offer fully automated investment options. Our team of experts takes over the ongoing management and optimization of our project systems.

This ensures regular returns without you having to take any action.
Once construction is complete, cash flow begins for our investors, and your investment is refinanced incredibly quickly and securely compared to alternative investment options.

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Frequently Asked Question

Here we answer your frequently asked questions on topics such as payment, collateral, withdrawals, taxes, our projects, and general inquiries.

What options do investors have to make deposits?

Currently, you can deposit via our international corporate account in 16 different currencies via SWIFT transfer and WISE. Additionally, we accept payments in the stablecoins USDC and USDT, which must be sent from a decentralized Metamask wallet. Please note that we are currently working on integrating a digital platform (Stripe) that will enable additional payment methods such as credit card and PayPal in the future.

Which payment method is the cheapest?

The most cost-effective method is payment with cryptocurrencies, either in USDT or USDC. You can send these from your Metamask Mintwallet via the ERC20 blockchain to us, or you can mint them yourself under the mentioned conditions. The costs for this range between 1 and 3 dollars.

Is it possible to make a standard bank transfer?

Of course, as this is the most commonly used payment method. You can make an international SWIFT transfer to our Indonesian corporate account in 11 different currencies.

I can’t find a Swift transfer in online banking. What now?

This varies depending on the bank. If a SWIFT transfer is not possible in online banking, we recommend that you visit the bank in person and bring the purchase contract with the bank details and address. This way, you ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Can I also make a SEPA transfer?

Since it is an international bank transfer, a SEPA transfer is not possible.

Why do I have to make a Swift transfer?

Because it is an international bank transfer.

Which deposit method is the fastest?

The fastest method is via Crypto and typically takes between 1 and 5 minutes.

Is it possible to make an investment without performing KYC or providing personal information such as name and address?

Yes, that is definitely possible. If your privacy is particularly important to you, then you've come to the right place. We would be happy to tell you more about how this works in a personal conversation.

At what intervals are the profits paid out to the investors?

The profits of the projects are distributed quarterly to the investors.

Where and how do I receive my shares?

After we have received your payment, your shares will be sent to your Metamask address. You can store them there securely and in a decentralized manner.

Are my shares added up if I invest again at a later date to get a discount for use in Lovina?

Yes, of course, these shares are aggregated. This makes saving and accumulating shares in your real estate portfolio all the more enjoyable.

Is it possible to resell my shares at a later date?

The shares in our projects can easily be traded on a public marketplace. After the construction completion of a project, the investments are usually worth double to triple their original value. We highlight on our website the projects and the opportunity to acquire already completed projects on the marketplace. The conditions under which the shares change owners are up to you. Another option is to engage a broker. If you are interested, feel free to contact us. We are available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

As an investor in the projects of Bali Invest, what guarantees or securities are available to me?

As a holder of a share in one of our projects, you are a notarially certified, silent partner of the respective company representing the project. We have digitally notarized the contract, which defines the partnership of the "investors" in the respective project. Additionally, there is a purchase contract. Essentially, you have the same securities as in Germany, for example.

How are the projects secured, including in the event of natural disasters?

After completion of the respective project, the investors decide on the scope of the insurance coverage. This is handled via a majority decision. Typically, three offers with different insurance coverage are obtained for each property. This process usually involves insurers such as Allianz or Axa.

Are the buildings insured once they are completed?

After the construction phase and the opening of the respective project, we are insured with renowned insurance companies such as AXA or Allianz. The scope of the insurance coverage is determined in consultation with the investors.

Are there visible land contracts (land register entries) that legally secure the ownership of the land?

Absolutely, we stand for complete transparency. Therefore, we share all costs, notary contracts, as well as leasing and land register entries with our investors.

How long has Bali Invest been around?

The vision of digital shares for the real estate industry use case has been in our team for over 2 years. The first actual implementation took place in autumn 2022, and the legal foundation of Bali Invest was completed in early 2023. The founding team has been working successfully together on various projects for several years now.

What profits can investors expect from participating in projects?

The returns that investors actually achieve are based on the revenues of the respective project. Bali Invest places great emphasis on only publishing projects that have achieved the best results in previous market analyses. This approach ensures that projects are created with the potential to achieve returns between 15 and 50 percent. Please note that actual returns can vary and depend on the specific circumstances of each individual project.

How long can investors expect to get the ‘shares’ provision?

The duration until your shares reach you depends on the chosen transaction medium for the deposit. The fastest way to acquire shares is to buy directly via a Metamask Wallet online, where the shares are immediately available. However, with a bank transfer, the provision of the shares can take up to 48 hours, especially if the transfer is made from abroad.

What is the starting price for participating in the projects?

The pricing for entry into our projects is individual and varies depending on the project. Investors who have already invested in our projects receive a pre-emptive right to special conditions. It should be noted that the price can increase over time, so an early investment is always the most cost-effective option. In Lovina, you can already acquire shares in most projects from $1400 (as of November 12). Otherwise, investment opportunities in our projects start at a few thousand dollars. Please note that these prices can vary, and it is advisable to contact us for the current information.

How long does it take after my participation in a project until I see the first profits?

The period from investment to the first return depends on the current progress and the overall size of the respective project. Some projects generate profits as early as 6 months after financing, while others may require a longer construction period due to their size and complexity. Please note that these periods can vary, and it is advisable to contact us for the most current information.

How can I participate in the project in Lovina?

The entry price for a share in the Lovina project is $1,400 (as of November 12). Interested in investing? Contact our company or one of our employees. The official sales page can be found under Lovina.

How can I select the suitable investment in the portfolio of Bali Invest?

Together with one of our expert employees, we can tailor the best investment format for your capital. Whether it's participation in a project, owning your own villa, or even realizing a completely custom facility, it's no problem with our partner network.

What projects has Bali Invest already completed?

The Nusa Ceningan Resort is the first project to benefit from the new concept, which has allowed small investors to conveniently purchase shares from home since 2022. The first construction phase of the resort will be completed in December, while the full opening of the resort is planned for April.

Are already completed villas also offered for sale?

We believe that purchasing already completed real estate in Bali is not profitable under the current conditions. The costs for such properties are often twice as high or even more expensive than if you build yourself. For a villa with two or three bedrooms, the entire process, from the first customer consultation to the handover of the keys, only takes between eight and ten months. Therefore, unlike in Germany, no long waiting time is to be expected.

Do I have to come to Bali to buy shares?

You do not have to be on site to do this. You can do it comfortably from home or even on the go. Isn’t that fantastic?

Do I have to come to Bali to buy a villa?

No, it is not mandatory that you are personally on site. There are various options to do this also from a distance, for example from Germany. One possibility would be to authorize a notary you trust. Nevertheless, we think it makes sense, if possible for you, to travel to Bali for such an investment and arrange a personal meeting with us.

Am I allowed to own a property as a foreigner?

Yes, it is possible to invest either privately with the passport or commercially via a company. Unlike countries like Thailand, where a local person is needed, this is not the case in Bali.

Do I have to start a company in Bali if I want to rent out my own villa?

Yes, a tax return is required as commercial income must be taxed. But don’t worry, we support you in setting up the company. Unlike as in Germany, this can be done in Bali with less than an hour of effort and costs only a fraction of what you would pay in Germany. The entire process is completed in 2 to 3 weeks. The best thing about it is that you only pay 0.5% taxes in the first three years. Yes, you heard right.

Do I have to start a company in Bali if I want to rent out my own villa?

Yes, a tax return is required as commercial income must be taxed. But don’t worry, we support you in setting up the company. Unlike as in Germany, this can be done in Bali with less than an hour of effort and costs only a fraction of what you would pay in Germany. The entire process is completed in 2 to 3 weeks. The best thing about it is that you only pay 0.5% taxes in the first three years. Yes, you heard right.

Is it possible for me to live in the resort when I travel to Bali?

Depending on the project, you have the opportunity to stay at the resort or in a villa at discounted rates. However, it is important to note that the main goal of the investors is to achieve high returns through rental. Therefore, it would not make sense if every investor could come and go for free and at will. However, if you purchase your own villa in the Lovina Resort, you of course have the freedom to do what you want.

Do I have to pay taxes in my country?

Unfortunately, for legal reasons, we are not allowed to provide you with tax information. Please consult a qualified tax advisor or contact the tax office directly for further information.

Do you pay taxes in Indonesia?

Of course, we are also liable to pay taxes in Indonesia, although the tax rates here are significantly lower than in many other countries. This means that we pay the corporate tax and the dividend tax for our investors here in Indonesia. You receive from us a fully transparent tax assessment, which serves as official proof. This means, we pay all necessary taxes here on site, which arise, for you.

What is the purpose of Metamask?

Metamask is considered worldwide as one of the safest and at the same time decentralized storage locations. Here only you have access and thanks to the encryption technology used, no supercomputer has been able to decrypt it so far.

There is hardly a safer option! What knowledge have we gained in the field of real estate?

Florian Stichler is the one in our team with the most extensive experience in the real estate sector. He has already gained a considerable amount of experience in Germany and has also been active in Bali since 2016. A great advantage is that he not only masters the language, but has also built up an extensive network. This brings you as an investor considerable advantages in terms of price and security.

Will there be more projects in the future?

Yes, we are continuously working on new projects in the background. Our goal is to build a real estate empire in Bali and then expand internationally.

Do I receive price advantages or a pre-emptive right for new projects as an existing investor?

That is exactly our approach to give something back to our investors as a thank you for their trust. Therefore, both questions can be answered with yes.

Is Indonesia a democratic country?

In 1949, the Indonesian War of Independence ended with the country’s independence from the Netherlands. Today, Indonesia is a democracy and the seventh largest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power.

Is there freedom of religion in Indonesia?

Yes, and it is even enshrined in the constitution and the basic law.

Is Indonesia a safe country?

Yes, Indonesia is indeed a safe country. It is known for its friendly and hospitable people who always warmly welcome visitors. The government has also made considerable efforts to ensure safety in the country, especially in tourist areas. It is important to note that, as in any country, certain precautions should be taken, especially in large cities and at night. It is recommended to inform yourself about local conditions and customs to ensure that you have a safe and pleasant trip. But overall, Indonesia is a wonderful and safe travel destination that has a lot to offer.

Is Indonesia in a phase of economic growth?

Indonesia is currently experiencing an economic boom. In 2022, the country was able to record real economic growth of 5.3 percent. For 2023, a GDP growth of 5.0 percent is forecast. This upswing is the result of various factors. One of them is the strong performance of the mining sector, which makes a significant contribution to economic growth. In addition, the government has made considerable efforts to create a favorable investment climate and attract foreign direct investment. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesia has managed to get its economy back on the growth path. This positive trend is expected to continue and Indonesia will continue to record solid growth rates.

Is Indonesia an economically strong country?

Indonesia is not only a member of the prestigious G20, but also ranks as the seventh largest economy in the world when considering purchasing power. Since the turn of the millennium, the country’s economy has impressively sextupled! These statistics clearly underline Indonesia’s economic strength.

What is the inflation rate in Indonesia?

In September 2023, inflation was only 2.28%. Unlike western countries, there is no loss of purchasing power here. What is the economic growth in Indonesia? In 2022, the economy recorded an impressive growth of 5.3%! Even after the Corona crisis, the steep upward trend continues and an end is not in sight.

Is Bali a popular holiday destination?

Bali was awarded the Travel Award in 2021 and was the second most popular holiday destination worldwide in 2023 after Dubai! This is another reason to invest in this beautiful place.

Where do we get all the employees?

With a population of 275 million people, there is no shortage of labor in Indonesia. Workers often flock to Bali from surrounding areas, attracted by the higher wages. Therefore, there are no bottlenecks and labor is always available.

Who operates the resort and takes care of recruitment and other things?

This is done in collaboration between Bali Invest, Longitude and other external companies that specialize in this area.

Do investors with more investment capital have a better return than small investors?

No, with us everyone achieves the same passive income. Our goal is to be fair and offer everyone the same opportunities. Our concept is to give everyone, regardless of relationships or millions in capital, the chance to invest in a safe, highly profitable and long-term investment.

Do large investors have any advantages over small investors?

Large investors enjoy advantages with us in the form of discounts when visiting and using our resorts. For example, they can save up to 35% in Lovina. In addition, a retreat worth $5000 is offered additionally if at least 50 shares are purchased.

Why do we use digital shares?

There are several reasons for this. First, it allows us to offer shares worldwide. Second, due to low costs, we can also offer small investors the opportunity to invest from currently $1400. Third, the purchase and sale of shares is much faster this way than any other way. Fourth, it allows for anonymous investment. Fifth, it ensures a clear, unadulterated assignment of ownership to a person or wallet. And finally, it provides legal security in Indonesia.

Do I get a notary contract when I buy shares?

Each of our projects is secured by a notarial certification and with every purchase you receive a notary contract. This always provides you with legal protection.

Is there a purchase contract when I buy shares?

Yes, there is always a purchase contract when you pay with cryptocurrencies. However, if you do your own minting and thereby directly receive your share, no purchase contract is required. In addition to this, you of course also receive a notary contract.

Do I get my own notary contract?

We have a notary contract that applies to everyone equally. However, if you would like a personalized notary contract, this is possible from an investment of 20000 dollars. To learn more, please write to us personally.

Do I get a purchase contract?

Yes, apart from a crypto transaction, you always get a purchase contract in which all details are recorded.

Do we also offer financing?

Thanks to our external partners, we have the opportunity to offer financing. For further information, please contact one of our sales managers directly.

Do I get a reward for recommending?

Yes, we of course want to reward recommendations and have set up a premium system for this. For further information, please contact your sales manager or the contact person who referred you to us directly. If you do not yet have a contact person, please fill out the contact form and a sales manager will contact you.

How can I do sales for the company?

To become a sales partner with us, you need to apply through our contact form. We carefully select our sales partners and ensure that they are properly trained and provided with the right information. All further details can best be discussed with our sales managers. It can be very rewarding to work in our sales, we can assure you of that now.

Is it possible to incur liabilities here?

It is confirmed by a notarial deed that you cannot incur debts. Another point why you can invest safely with us.

Is there a follow-up obligation if the project becomes more expensive?

No, it is stated in the notary contract that investors are not obliged to make additional contributions. 

Do I have a say as a silent partner?

Yes, in our investor group we conduct votes, which directly involve you in the decision-making processes.

Do I have a liability as a silent partner?

No, you are liable to a maximum of the invested sum, but not beyond. This is also stated in the notary contract.

Can I meet someone from the team in Bali?

Yes, it is definitely feasible, preferably in our office in Canggu. It is always a pleasure for us to have the opportunity to meet someone in person.

Why are the shares getting more expensive?

Of course, the first investors get the most advantageous conditions, which always makes an investment attractive from a financial point of view at the beginning. Even if the project costs end up being higher, we cannot contractually fall back on funds already invested. Therefore, additional costs could lead to a price increase.

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